Umphrey’s McGee: it’s not us – CD

It’s here. Umphrey’s McGee’s eleventh studio album, it’s not us. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as they enjoyed creating it.

Never ones to rest on theirs laurels, it was important to them to go into their 20th year with a fresh batch of songs, and the promise that you have yet to ever witness their best.


1 The Silent Type 3:30
2 Looks 3:05
3 Whistle Kids 3:36
4 Half Delayed 3:36
5 Maybe Someday 6:36
6 Remind Me 7:37
7 You & You Alone 3:58
8 Forks 4:28
9 Speak Up 6:04
10 Piranhas 4:19
11 Dark Brush 6.04


Brendan Bayliss [guitar, vocals],
Jake Cinninger [guitar, vocals],
Joel Cummins [keyboards, piano, vocals],
Andy Farag [percussion],
Kris Myers [drums, vocals], and
Ryan Stasik [bass]


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