Imaginings by Paul Adams

Paul Adams: Imaginings – CD

A blend of exotic, mystical and musically virtuosic playing from around the world by Paul Adams, David Hoffman, Elizabeth Geyer and Pravin Godkhindi …mixing elements of Jazz, New Age and World Music.

Imaginings by Paul AdamsOffers virtuoso performances that blends eclectic with new age and jazz sensibilities in the context of world music. Paul Adams is comfortable in many genres including new age, jazz, eclectic and world fusion. He is comfortable as a multi instrumentalist playing finger style guitar, flute, electric sitar and many instruments from around the world. He is joined by Ray Charles Trumpet Soloist and arranger David Hoffman. Australia’s jazz sensation Elizabeth Geyer, and India’s Pravin Godkhindi.

1. Just Such Beauty
2. Giggles and Grooves

3. Imaginings
4. Panda Bears At Breakfast
5. Pastoral
6. Like Blue and Velvet
7. For Two Lovers
8. The Mysteries of Mood
9. Upon Early Rising
10. Clouds
11. Dawn
12. Conch Shell By the Sea

I’ve been listening to Paul Adams for several decades. He’s never failed me.  Imaginings holds true. Give life a rest. These tunes will suck away your anxieties. I love it. -Ron, Music Discovery Network

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Release: 2015
Label: Lakefront Productions

Personnel: Paul Adams, Elizabeth Geyer, Pravin Godkhindi, David Hoffman

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